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Turtle soup

posted Jan 08, 2011 17:06:23 by PatriciaSummers
A long time ago, before Shawn or Kathleen were born, there was a restaurant on Cannery Row, Monterey CA which specialized in turtle soup. This was long before turtles had become endangered and well before we knew about anything endangered.
I was a bit younger than you when I first had it. It was such a special soup, at least at that restaurant, that I remember it longingly still today.
What is the food like, what are you eating?
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Shawn said Jan 10, 2011 15:45:39
The food on board the ship is excellent. We have lobster, lamb shanks, salmon etc. etc. When we sit down to dinner we get a menu with 4 or 5 choices each for appetizer, salad/soup, main entrée, and dessert. The food is so good that it is hard not to order one of every course. If it wasn’t for the gym, we would be gaining a lot of weight.
At the Paradise Reef Grill in Georgetown I had the fish sandwich special, which was a battered fillet of grouper with Caribbean spices on toasted sweet roll. Kathy had the fish special, which was also grouper with Caribbean spices served with fried plantain. Both of these were excellent.
In Puerto Limon we let Renato, our guide, pick the restaurant (unknown name, but right on Playa Bonita), and recommend our meal. Kathy and I both had chicken and rice. It was like fried rice, Latin style, a lot of spices but very good. Megan and Bridget ordered their usual, a hamburger, but to their surprise the restaurant actually put ham on top of the burger.

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