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Settling in and Car in Easter Island

posted Jan 12, 2011 21:39:57 by NancyWhiteReal
Hi all, Am keeping on on your travels and photos here. Sounds like you are settling in. What are the other ages and sex's of the children onboard? Are they getting along? Are you planning any excursions with them?

I also want you to know as I e-mailed Margot that your car rental is all arranged for Easter Island for the day. Details are in the e-mail.

Keep up the posts. We are enjoying them! Have some cinnamon ice cream for me. That is the Bomb on HAL....
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Shawn said Jan 13, 2011 20:47:17
There are 4 other children on board. One boy who is about 2, then a brother and sister that are 5 and 3, but they are only on the ship until Auckland, and the Elaina, age 10, who is on for the entire trip. Megan Bridget and Elaina are getting along great. We have all been doing our own shore excursions, and then comparing notes.
Thank you very much for the car rental, it will make for a nice relaxing day on Easter Island.

Cinnamon ice cream? I have seen it on the menu, but I have not tried it yet.
NancyWhiteReal said Jan 13, 2011 21:09:49
Good news about the 10 year old. Maybe some other children will join for different segments.

The cinnamon ice cream is usually in the buffet. Keep checking as they change the flavors daily but worth keeping an eye out for. I am not a buffet diner but am in there everyday onboard to check the ice cream flavors to look for it!
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